4 useful Firefox tricks for Google tools

In the last few days I have come across four useful tricks to help you use some of Google’s software better. (Useful only if you are running Firefox)

  • Add Google Talk to your Firefox Sidebar [Source : Lifehacker]

Bookmark this URL and then edit the properties of the bookmark to open it in the Sidebar. Voila, you are done. Open the bookmark and the Google talk will open in the sidebar.

  • Add Google Notebook to your Firefox Sidebar [Source : Mitchelaneous]

Exactly the same procedure as above. Bookmark this URL.

***You can’t have Google Notebook and G-Talk in your sidebar at the same time. At least I haven’t found a method. Using MultiSidebar extension allows you to have Google Talk/Google Notebook with the other standard sidebar items like History/Bookmarks etc. I wasn’t able to get both on the sidebars even after I shifted Google Talk to the right sidebar. Google Notebook just refused to open in the left sidebar, whereas History/Bookmarks/Sage were able to open without any issues. Maybe this is a config issue or a programming issue.

  • Googlepedia [Source : Firefox Add ons]

This is a useful add-on which opens the Wikipedia page of the search query you typed automatically along with the Google Web search results.

This is a screenshot of Googlepedia and Google Talk in the Sidebar.

Another very useful add-on which helps you customize the way you search or use Gmail or Google Reader. The option to Stream the web results is very useful. Streaming provides the results continuously rather than you having to navigate page by page.

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